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  1. B

    App Windows Style

    Windows x64 | File Size: 294.21 MB Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, Style App will take an image or video and apply a predefined graphic style to your media. For example you could make a style transfer of Vincent van Gogh's "starry night" and an image of your dog to create...
  2. sonic

    xF2 Style Brivium - Tungsten 2.0.10

    Tungsten is truly simple, responsive as well as dozens of configuration options can be tweaked quickly. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Upload the contents of the upload directory to the root of your XenForo installation. Go into your XenForo Admin Control Panel, click on Appearance, select Styles...
  3. sonic

    xF2 Style Brivium - Chlorine 2.0.10

    INTRODUCTION Chlorine is the 11st free XenForo style designed by Brivium, that flat, modern and simple. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Upload the contents of the upload directory to the root of your XenForo installation. Go into your XenForo Admin Control Panel, click on Appearance menu, select...
  4. sonic

    xF2 Style Brivium - Silver 2.0.10

    Silver Style is made with the classic platform of XenForo with some main changes: The color of text is totally white: We keep it simple white similar to the color of silver. We choose the nature background. The forum is transparent white and it likes looking into a 3D picture. So, do you like...
  5. sonic

    xF2 Style Brivium - Tin 2.0.10

    Tin Style is named under the name of chemical element atomic number 50. Tin is covered by a cool color. The background is blurring the picture of wood and the main color is blue-black made the style becoming cold. The simple texture of XenForo for arranging dashboard of users or menu makes the...
  6. sonic

    xF2 Style Brivium - Nitrogen 2.0.10

    Nitrogen is the 4th free XenForo style designed by Brivium, that clean, modern and fresh. LIVE DEMO
  7. blackback

    xF2 Style Light style 2.0.0

    This is a simple light theme for XF 2.0 Installation Instructions: Go to Admin Control Panel select: Appearance > Styles > Import > Child of style: (No Parent) > and then click "Import"
  8. A

    UI.X dark 1.5.12

    there have someone already using this version? i only found 1.5.11 and with some related BUGS. just want to be noticed with that, so i can keep searching or only wait till it relealse. also i rly want a theme/style, one who works fine on 1.5.12. Rul3z - keep rockin .#1
  9. sonic

    xF1 Style Snapshot - Xenfocus 1.5.11

    Snapshot is lightly based off the Aero theme used in Windows 7 and features a very unique 'frosted image' effect. Perfect for almost any forum genre since it can be easily customized by simply modifying the background images.
  10. sonic

    xF1 Style Fusion (dark) - Xenfocus 1.5.11

    Fusion Dark is a chameleon-type skin which applies a single background image throughout the entire forum, and is even visible through transparent category headers. A background picker (which can be disabled if needed) allows your visitors to choose their own background image from a predefined...
  11. AnimeHaxor

    xF1 Style Peachy Keen

    With it's appetizing orange and greens, Peachy Keen brings the concept of southern comfort directly to your forum. It is a highly customized theme that will give any board a complete unique look. You can have it be as wide or as narrow as you prefer, works with all the major browsers, and much more.
  12. Ha Ha

    xF1 Unmaintained [SSD] Custom Markup For User 1.0.1

    [SSD] Custom Markup For User This add-on allows users to apply custom styling to their usernames and user titles, without the need to allow them to use CSS/HTML. Features Custom Styling, of course Works everywhere, including add-ons* Each styling option can be enabled or disabled Easy addition...
  13. RevisedSecurity

    xF1 Style Facebook 1.0

    Facebook and the "f" logo are registered trademarks of Facebook, Inc. This style is not affiliated nor endorsed in any way by Facebook, Inc. Installation: To install this style, simply download it and import the XML file.
  14. RevisedSecurity

    xF1 Style 8 XenForo Default Color Themes 4-14-2015a

    I have put together Eight more default color themes for XenForo. There is XenForo Default Blue, Default Grey, Default Green, Default Pink, Default Purple, Turquoise, Default Turquoise 1 and Default Orange Note: When you upload and install these themes make them a child of the XenForo Default...
  15. Admin

    xF1 Style Marshmallow 1.3

    We don’t create the perfect themes, we create the theme describes your community and this make it the perfect one. Just 5 minutes playing around the Features, you will meet fully your desire We are proud to launch our new xenForo Theme – Marshmallow! Marshmallow has a new layout with...
  16. RevisedSecurity

    xF1 Style vBulletin 4 2.0

    vBulletin and the “V” logo are registered trademarks of vBulletin Solutions, Inc. This style is not affiliated or endorsed in any way by vBulletin Solutions, Inc. Installation: To install this style, simply download it and import the XML file.
  17. Trioxin

    Update Request: Brivium - Tellurium - Material Design XenForo Style

    Greetings, Thanks for the awesome shares! This is the best style I could find for my needs but it needs an update. Link to share: Link to vendor...
  18. Iomega0318

    Xenforo DragonByte MMO