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xF1 Translate French translation - XenForo 1.5.11

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Compatible XF Versions 1.x
Translation Presentation:

This translation is licensed under Creative Commons. This means that you can use, modify or release a new version on this basis.Specifically, you can remove the copyright of the translation, or if you are a French Canadian, for example, you can use it to make a dedicated translation and replace all "e-mails" with "email"

Another importantly, this translation license will not change. You are free to use it today, you will be free to use it tomorrow. Your users do not care to know who made this translation, we do not care to promote a personal website in the search engines.

We care only of the French community working together towards a common goal: to improve the translation and help other French-based languages to have their own translation.

This common license also means that each of you can help us. So do not be shy! If you see an error or if you have a better way to translate a sentence, please write it in this thread.

Version history:

2015/02/03 XenForo 1.4.4 - Version 1
2013/10/02 XenForo 1.2.2 - Version 1
2013/02/28 XenForo 1.1.3 (sentences manually reviewed & new sentences for XenForo 1.1.3)
2012 / 02/17 XenForo 1.1.2 (upgraded sentences reviewed and tested)
2011/11/24 XenForo 1.1.0
2011/11/15 XenForo 1.1 RC1
2011/02/25 XenForo 1.1.0 Beta 5
2011/01/23 XenForo RC1
XenForo Beta 6 2011/01/12
2010/12/12 XenForo Beta 5
2010/11/12 XenForo Beta 3
2010/10/24 XenForo Beta 2
18/02/2016 XenForo 1.5.5
26/02/2016 XenForo 1.5.6
XenForo 1.5.7 30/04/2016
30/05/2016 XenForo 1.5.8
22/08/2016 XenForo 1.5.9
09/02/2016 XenForo 1.5.10

to install the language file:

- log into your AdminCP -> appearance -> Import language -> Select "Overwrite language - EN" or "Save Children" for a first setup -> Select our language file and click Import, and voila!
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