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VB4 microSUPPORT (F.A.Q & Ticketing Live Support) 4.6.4a

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1.- How it works

Members having questions, are coming to your support department. They read your Frequence Asked Questions and if they don't solve their problem, they're opening a support ticket.
By opening a ticket, a copy is going to member, and a notification is going to technicians.
Technician reply to the question, eighter using a predefinied reply, or writing a fresh reply.
Technician has the ability to save his reply to predefinied ones, or, if he counts it as common question to add it to as many FAQ categories he wants.
Member gets the reply, and if he is not totally satisfied, he visits your site to continue the discussion and so on.
Member and/or Technician can close a ticket
Member and/or Technician can re-open a ticket

2.- Frontend Features

Open a Ticket
My Tickets
F.A.Q listing
Live Support
Information Blocks:
Latest Questions
Important Questions

3.- Technician Features

Support Tickets List, which can be filtered by:
Actions for each ticket:
Actions when replying to a ticket:
Select to include a predefinied reply
Save reply in predefinied replies
Save reply in as many FAQ categories he wants.
Predefinied Replies (Add, Edit, Delete).
Add Question to F.A.Q
List F.A.Q

4.- Administrator Features

Unlimited depth level of categories for F.A.Q
Extra Fields
Radio Button
Departments. Per each department he can assign an unlimited amount of email addresses, which they will be inform when a new ticket is creating for this department, or when a reply comes from the Members.
Can turn use of Departments On/Off
Can turn use of Products On/Off
Setup the text for the email to Member, upon new ticket creation
Setup the text for the email to Member, upon a new reply from technician
Setup the text for the email to Member, upon ticket's auto close.
Can setup the duration (in hours), to auto close the tickets which they dont have any action from member's side.

5.- Usergroup Permissions

Can access the support section
Can submit tickets
Can attach files to ticket
Support priority (lower number means higher priority)
Belongs to Technicians group or not

6.- Installation

Upload all files to your site keeping the same structure.
CMOD 777 directories:
Imprort product-microsupport.xml from your admincp
Setup Usergroup permissions
Setup General Options
Setup Live Support Config
Setup Spam Settings

7.- Copyright

Removing my copyright link from the page's footer is illegal. This module is a copyrighted work of Totally-scripts.comi (aka micheal332001).

Also Many thanks to Maria for letting me take over her add-on aka MicroHellas

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