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Shoutbox by Siropu

xF2 Add-on Shoutbox by Siropu 1.5.0

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Added archive with option to search by user and keywords. You can set how many messages to show per page in admin options. This feature requires the "View archive" user group permission.

Added new admin option called "Shoutbox refresh timeout" that allows you to stop refresh interval if the user is not active in the Shoutbox for more than x minutes. This feature existed before but it was set to 10 minutes and could not be changed.

Added auto-scroll toggle to allow reading older messages without being forced back. This activates/deactivates when you scroll.

Loading older messages is now smother.
Made images smaller with CSS to take less space.
This release fixes a bug where certain emoji show as "undefined" in the input box when selected from the list.
Added admin option to enable emoji list.
This release fixes a bug where the message of edited shouts get duplicated on hover for author. Also, in smilie list, when hovering over smilies, it displays the wrong cursor.
This release fixes some compatibility issues with XF 2.1.0

NOTE: This release is for XenForo 2.1.x. Do not try to upgrade to this version if you are running XenForo 2.0.x
Added two new widget option:
  1. Enable sidebar style - If you use it in the sidebar and want the same header as the rest of the sidebar widgets.
  2. Hide shout date - If you don't want to display shout date & time.
Added option to set a user ID for automated bot prune messages.
Fixed an issue with sound path in certain instances.
This release fixes a bug where the smilies box has no style applied to it and cannot be toggled. I haven't noticed this issue because on the same page I was running my Chat add-on as well and it includes a XF .less template that is missing in the Shoutbox.
Added option to use reverse ordering where input box is at the bottom.
Added option to autolink/embed URLs and media sites.
Also, user mentions are now possible.

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