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xF1 Add-on [xfr] User Albums More 1.0.0

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This Addon adds three Extra Album Types to the Brilliant User Albums Addon by Pepelac.


Three Album Types are added:
  1. Members Only - Guests will not be able to view the Album
  2. Followed Members Only - Only members the album creator follows will be able to see the album
  3. Selected Members Only - Only specific Members you specify will see the Album
Also, One Moderator Permission is added to Usergroup Permissions whereby you can bypass Album privacy.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Make Sure you have [XFR] User Albums latest version installed.
  2. Upload Files inside upload folder to your site root.
  3. Open the file <Site Root>/library/XfRu/UserAlbums/Model/Albums.php and find the following line of code. (It is on line number 639 in unedited file)
    private function prepareFetchOptions(array $fetchOptions)
    Replace this with the following line of code
    protected function prepareFetchOptions(array $fetchOptions)
    (Essentially the keyword private has to be changed to protected)
  4. Install the addon-XfRuUserAlbumsMore.xml from ACP->Install Addon
  5. Done!
  1. Full Credit goes to ineedhelp for paying for this Addon's development and also allowing it to be distributed freely to the community.

Unfortunately support will be very limited as I am extremely busy and may not have time to respond. That is the reason, this is free, because I don't have the time to support a paid addon. However I will fix bugs if found, but please be patient.
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