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Register email

xF2 Add-on Register email 3.3

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Added code to prevent server error log if country information is missing during lookup.
Added location entered to email if Required location is enabled.
Now using finder for performing database queries. Now supports both Single-line text box and Multi-line text box. Updated template code for more uniform look.
Updated email template to use horizontal line separators.
Fixed issue dealing with manually creating a new user and creating a server error log.​
Now works with XF v2.0 and v2.1.​
Requires XF v2.1 or newer.​
The registration username is now shown first.​
Now runs only by Cron entry every 10 minutes. I suggest uninstalling any previous version and deleting the Andy/RegisterEmail folder before installing this latest version.

Be sure to update the Options page with your access key from ipstack.com.

1) Fixed issue dealing with IP address and location in the email.
2) Fixed issue dealing with new member link.